My daughter is two now and getting into everything and i mean everything. We have started potty training and so far she knows that toilet is for pooping and peeing but we need to work on consistency. She doesn't talk yet but she babbles and says a few words but its frustrating because i have no clue what the hell she is saying.

I worry about her and the fact that she doesn't really get to interact with other kids her age and due to my circumstances don't know how to make that happen. I really want to find a way to set up play dates so that she gets that social interaction.  Making friends is not something thats easy for me either so i don't want her to have trouble with that later on. I just moved to Texas not that long ago and have no family here or really know anyone here and being an army wife and a new one at that is showing to be a challenge. I just hope something gives soon for both our sake! So if there are any moms near the Fort Hood area let me know, playdates desperately needed here.

bow down

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