Honestly whether you chose to breastfeed or not is not my concern.  I'm sick of all the icky comments about mothers who breast feed and from time to time have to do so in public.

I see a real paradox in some of the comments I hear against doing so. Honestly, we see breasts on display everywhere these days.  Just look around you.  Thier  popping out of tops, their all over billboards, magazines, ads, movies and TV shows.  You don't go a single day without being exposed to some other women's cleavage.   Sadly we have grown accustomed to that but we seem to have grown unaccustomed to seeing women breastfeed.

It is more taboo to breast feed your child modestly in public then it is to wear a blouse that your breasts hang out of.  As women should we not be more appalled by the posters that plaster the walls of the mall showing scantly clad young girls exposing all thier goodies then to see a women feeding her child? 

Really ladies we are so mean to each other about this issue.  But what are we really afraid of? Are we just insecure about our own personal choices with our children that we lash out at those who make the opposite choice?  Are we so sexualized that even breast feeding is risk-ea?

Are you really offended by what you saw or are you just unsure about what to do when you see a breast feeding woman?  Honestly, I think most women are just uncomfortable in the situation and  they blame one another for thier problem instead of asking "why does this bother me"?



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Jun. 29, 2009 at 9:30 PM

i hear mostly men comment about this topic. i never breast fed mine in public but that was because i didnt want to cover up so i did it at home. but my firend had a real problem with this. a guy ho would sit there and gawk at her chest as she breastfed, and then go compalin to someone that she shoudl cover up. like they cant control themselves. honeslty, lol. when i see a woman breastfeed i politely look the other way, lol, but i wont avoid talking to her because im ashamed of her being exposed. women in other countries, especially romania, will walk around literally topless, but breast over there are viewed as feeders for babaies, not objects of sex

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Jun. 30, 2009 at 2:43 AM

It's funny that in Europe no one gives a fig if women breastfeed.  They view it as a natural extension of parenting.  I think the problem here is that breasts are "sexualized" and if you see a breast you don't think of what it's there for only that it's a sexual object.  Look at some of the huge breasts on obese men.  Why doesn't anyone get upset over those?  Because they are not sexualized.  People in this country need to grow up.  When we lived in Germany we used to go to the nude beaches.  My son who was 1 1/2 when we started going saw nothing strange in peoples bodies.  He saw a woman who was breastfeeding her infant and asked what she was doing. When I explained she was feeding the baby he said it must be easier the heating a bottle up and wanted to know if the milk went sour.  Later he asked if milk cam in flavors as he saw dark and light skinned women with infants.  Funny thing is he doesn't go crazy of breasts.  He views them as a part of the body.  No more....no less.  He understood that breasts exist as baby feeders first and sexual objects second. 

Let's face it, most women breastfeed discreetly but even when they do cover up they get complaints. I saw a woman who was breastfeeding her child in the back of the restaurant with her back to the crowd.  they only way you'd know she was breastfeeding was if you stuck your nose were it didn't belong.  Well, some guy complained but he didn't realize there were many pro breastfeeding women in the restaurant including his mother who yelled at him after he made the compliant.  The woman was only left in peace because many of us spoke up and the manager was more worried about losing business then he was in having a woman breastfeed her child. 

If you're going to ban women who breast feed then you need to ban women who bottle feed.  Same action, just a different object. 

Heck what about necking couples????  I'm not totally thrilled at seeing a 50 year old man and his 20 something girl toy making whoopee in the restaurant.  What about kids running wild in a restaurant (I'm not talking about a child having a bit of a fuss at the table I'm talking about children that are allowed to run up and down and poking their fingers on peoples plates).  That offends me more then a bare tit with a baby at the end of it.  Can someone tell me how you can possible see anything when the head of the kids are big enough to hide everything??? 

Why is it ok to take a picture of some girl without any underwear and post it all over the place but to have a woman do something as natural and healthy as breast feed we go crazy.  If you don't want to see the tit then don't look.  I wonder if our phobia is why a bull on some kids cartoon has tits just the same as the cows? How can anyone not know the difference? We not only need to grow up we need to get routed in reality. 

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