Cafemom decided to send me a bottle of this stuff to try out... and I'm never one to turn down a freebie, lol, so I accepted and got my bottle.

BOY is this stuff BLUE! Everyone, sing along! "Stains yer nose, stains yer toes, stains the yard where flowers grow..." (make up your own melody, I can't do it all, folks!) but most importantly, it temporarily stains your TEETH, which is wonderful because:

  • my kids like to get in/get out when it comes to brushing
  • my kids don't believe that back teeth really exist, therefore, they don't have to brush them
  • my kids LIE to me about whether or not they've brushed...brazen, bold lying.. right to my face with big, innocent, Puss In Boots from Shrek 2 eyes...

With this stuff, haaaaaaaaaaa! No more lies, lol.  Actually, no NEED for lying because the kids stay in there until all traces of blue is out... which means all plaque is vamoosh, gone, destoybulated!

Finally, a commercial product that actually wipes out the desire to fabricate stories to parents!  I couldn't be more pleased :).

I tried it myself and I found myself calling my mother and confessing things I'd done as a child.  She may or may not speak to me again but the peace of mind is worth it!

Go out and grab some of this pretty blue truth serum today... clean teeth and a clean conscience? You can't beat that!

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Jul. 1, 2009 at 6:59 PM

I've had my eye on this stuff since it came out, so I'm wicked glad to hear such a high recommendation on it.  As soon as my dd is old enough for it, I'll be buying. 

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Jul. 1, 2009 at 9:25 PM

It has kind of a disappointing taste, and by that I mean that usually when you have a mouth rinse, you expect it to be strong, but this stuff is kind of dull... which is GREAT for kids because they can swish longer, lol. 

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