This is going to be just a short update for anyone who cares to read up on how I am doing.  I am doing better physically.  The doctors say I am healing slowly, but that I am healing none the less.  Emotionally I am trying to force myself to look on the bright side and move on.  A baby never actually developed, so there isn't anything to dwell on.  I'm getting a box to pack up my few pieces of maternity wear, the couple baby clothes I have, and the passifiers and the bottle for later.  Right now I am focusing on the upcoming move and getting a job.  I'm giving myself a bit of tough love, but it's how I have always been.  I don't get over things by crying about them.  All that does is make me feel drained and want to cry more.  I have to make myself look at things as they are, no looking back wishing, just looking to what I can do in the present and future.  My husband really hasn't talked to me about it issue.  He doesn't like discussing things like that, but he deals with things in much the same way that I do.  He has already been talking about when we try again.  I swear, if it wasn't for him and my best friends, I don't know what I'd do.  They keep me moving ahead and looking forward to tomorrow.  Anyway, like I said, as of late, I am doing ok.  I am just packing things up, and waiting for the go ahead on the move so we can start heading toward the future, turned in a new direction.  Hope everyone else is doing well.  To those expecing, I wish you luck and happiness.  To first time mom's to be, remember to RELAX!  To vetran moms, hug your kids tight and make sure they know every day just how special they are to you. 

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Jul. 3, 2009 at 6:20 AM

I hope you continue to make progress, but do give yourself some time to grieve. I had a similar situation over 20 years and I still celebrate the life that was to be. We all do what we have to do and handle things the way that fits us. I did not deal with the loss for years and it eventually caught up with me. I hope you have as many kiddos as you want.



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