My cousin is getting married on July 11th.  I don't like him or his gf.  He posted a comment on his facebook about how is gf was refusing to have a baby because she thought childbirth was disgusting and nasty.  He was posting this because he thought her view was funny. She replied that it wasn't funny childbirth is actually disgusting and nasty.  Someone else commented on this and said that people who chose to have children their age and crazy anyway. She is 26 he is 20.  I was 18 when I had my baby and she was not an accident.  Am I the only one offended by this comment.  First of all child birth is not disgusting or nasty.  It is a beautiful and natural part of life.  And second people who are adult that decide to have children are not crazy or stupid, they are parents.  I can't believe how insensitive people are.  They really think having kids isn't worth it because child birth is "nasty".

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