A couple of weeks ago I noticed a bump on my little Alani's back. It was bruised so I assumed she had fell and hurt herself. Then the bruise did not go away, this was almost a month ago.  Finally while on vacation I decided I would be getting her into see her dr. Today was the appointment. The dr determined it is a tumor. She said it is likely benign, called lipoma. The spot is directly on her spine, so even if it is a lipoma, it will likely need to be removed. The dr said that many times these tumors will just stop growing, and not need to be removed, but because of its location it may grow entwined in the spine. Please keep my Alani in your prayers. The surgery seems to be minor, but its surgery none the less and I am worried sick.

My baby girl is fine! The dr's at UNC Chapel Hill are great. It is not a tumor like her pediatrician told me. It looks to be a small pocket of blood basically. He said that likely this is a small abnormality that she was born with, but it is no issue for her. Most likely the lump was always there, and when she bumped it, it caused a bruise and swelling, and due to the location on her spine, it has not had a chance to heal from the bruise. The dr said that if it is there for another 6 wks, or gets bigger, or becomes more painful to call back to his direct line, and we would go from there. He is not concerned at all. Even better: my baby has not complained of pain since Monday night. Believe it or not, I started praying harder Monday night, and since then she has not complained at all. Coincidence? Maybe, but I am not going to doubt his power at all anymore. She even sat there for 15 minutes while 3 dr's poked at it, and didnt move, flinch, cry, whine, nothing. It is not bothering her at all. You ladies have helped me through this, with all of the prayers going up, and the kind words, and strength you all gave me. I cannot thank you all enough.

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Jul. 8, 2009 at 8:17 PM

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

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Jul. 25, 2009 at 5:27 PM

oh wow, thats not good. my sis has a lipoma on her upper arm but the spine seems scary. good luck!

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