Let me start off by saying that I am ecstatic that we are finally pregnant after trying for what seemed like an eternal 7 months. I know 7 months is nothing compared to some ladies that have been waiting forever, but I don't think I've ever experienced anything so hard in my life. It took many tests, perfect timing, one post-coital analysis, and one HSG to bring our dream to fruition.

I am 6 weeks and 2 days today. I have felt SO good the last 2 weeks (I found out 2 weeks ago today). I honestly don't think I've felt this good since I was working out like 4 times a week so I could squeeze into my wedding dress. Granted, I've been tired like I've been walking or working out all day, but it's quite manageable. I've been eating really healthy and keeping myself hydrated, along with walking on a regular basis. I think the worst thing I've eaten since I found out I was pregnant was a small frosty and 3 slices of pizza. I am extremely excited about being pregnant, and can't wait until we meet our miracle in March.


I can't count how many people have been asking me "How are you feeling?" "Are you sick yet?" And others telling me "You know you got it coming - it'll happen any day! I was SO sick when I was pregnant!" And some tell me to just shrug it off, since not everyone is the same. I was reading online Monday that roughly 85% of women get morning sickness, and consider yourself lucky if you don't get it. I thought "Yep, that's me - I'm one of the lucky ones. Six weeks coming up Tuesday, and not a hint of queasiness!" And I was right - not a hint of queasiness on Tuesday.

Wednesday, I had a hankering for a salad. I usually have Subway sandwiches for lunch, but yesterday, I wanted a big 'ol chef salad, all eggey and hammey. Mmmmm..... So I go to the local grocery store where they have a whole section full of deli-made salads. I grab the chef, 2 packets of Italian dressing, a yogurt parfait and I'm on my way. When I get back to work, I'm munching down on this salad, and let me tell you something, it was delish. I get done with my salad - finished about 80% of it - and didn't have room for the yogurt parfait. I feel super-full for about an hour, then bloated and gross for another hour, then at 2:30 I knew I was gonna hurl. I had to leave before it was too late to drive (30 mins) home. I go home, put on some PJ's and crash on the couch with some saltines and water.

I feel good enough a few hours later to make something fast for dinner - Hamburger Helper. I ate about a baseball-sized portion and that was it. Laid down on the couch some more for awhile. Felt okay for about an hour - then the queasiness kicked in again. Went to bed about 10, got up at 5:30, still felt kinda crappy, but okay enough to go to work. I stopped at the store to get some Ginger Ale and saltine crackers before work - just in case. I get to work, choke down a bowl of Cheerios, some lemon-ginger tea, my prenatals and call it good. I felt fine until I ate lunch. I had that yogurt parfait from Wednesday with berries and granola (no, it was not expired). Felt fine for about 15-20 minutes, then the sickness starts again. Thankfully I have a queasiness stash from the store trip this morning.

So here I am, being queasy and tired and not wanting to go to my stepson's baseball game tonight cuz I don't wanna hurl on someone, and I'm wondering if I really have afternoon morning sickness, or if I ate some bad salad. I don't have any food poisoning symptoms other than an upset stomach, but I think I"m still in denial about this whole sickness thing. Afternoon sickness sucks - makes my day go by VERY slow. :( My first doc's appt is the 20th, and if I still feel like shit, I'm gonna get some of those anti-nausea pills. I'll take just about anything at this point.

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Jul. 9, 2009 at 5:57 PM

Ooh, bummer on the not feeling well.  But IMO, it sounds EXACTLY like "morning" sickness.  I think it's bologna that they call it "morning" sickness - I had All Day sickness!  :)

If you're lucky, it won't last long - I think it's *supposed* to affect women from about Week 6 until Week 12.  So if you're lucky, you won't have to suffer for very long.  Although, 6 weeks is still a long time, I know.  ;) 

Hang in there Girl!

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Jul. 9, 2009 at 6:04 PM

Ugh - I am so sorry... that is not fun! I had "afternoon sickness" - I had to eat ALL of my meals before noon because after that, I was in sea-sickness mode until about 10pm. What sucked is that I could NEVER stay up late in order to eat dinner by the time my belly felt better, so I kid you not, I ate 3 meals and snacks for 4 hours straight every morning and then spent 9-10 hours in hell.... ugh!

I hope yours passes soon!!

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