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About Moms who spank

Are you a mom that believes in using spanking as a form of discipline? Are you tired of being judged for spanking your children? This group is for you. We are a safe haven for spanking mothers. Each mother here has their own definition of spanking. In this group I would like us to be able to share and teach one another how to parent with a kind but firm approach. We may not all agree, but we come here leaving our judgments at the door. We give advice and support to one another when we become unsure of ourselves. If you would like a community like ours, I urge you to join our ranks.

This group is set to private so our members names are not available to those not in the group. As owner of this group I take a very serious stance on providing a Save Haven for Spanking Mothers.

When applying for membership please be certain you answer
>>>>ALL<<<< questions.

Not doing so will get you denied membership.


You can always find this group with the following URL:

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