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My love of Dr. Hook started as probably most of the "diehard" Hook fans started.. with "Sylvia's Mother".. "Sylvia's Mother" was Dr. Hook's first #1 hit and the song that was responsible for them skyrocketing to fame.. Many hits  & years later, Dr. Hook is no more.. waaahhhh.. The lead singer, Dennis Locorriere, has in the past couple of years, toured under his name and released solos.. He still has an awesome voice! Ray Sawyer, vocals & lead guitar, also has used Dr. Hook's name in performances, though he's had to receive license from Locorriere to do so..

Some facts about Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show:

  • Dennis Locorriere was actually Dr. Hook and not Ray Sawyer
  • Ray Sawyer is, to this day, mistakenly thought of by many as Dr. Hook due to his eyepatch and cowboy hat.. The eyepatch is actually a result of a near fatal automobile crash in 1967.
  • Dr. Hook was around from 1968-1985.. Many list them as actually starting in 1969.. They actually formed in Union City, NJ in 1968..
  • "The Cover of the Rolling Stones" song was actually a gimmick used to get them on the cover of the magazine "Rolling Stone".. It worked! lol..
    They made the cover in issue #132 in March of 1973.  It's unknow why the whole group was not on the cover. The 3 that appeared on the cover were Dennis Locorriere, Ray Sawyer and Billy Francis. This issue was the best selling issue of the Rolling Stone magazine at that time.. It's still one of the best selling Rolling Stone covers of all time!
  • Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show was known for its crazy antics on stage (as represented by the "Cover of the Rolling Stone" video on my page).. It's reported that at one concert they gave, the crowd screamed "Take it Off!!!".. So... they did! lol.. Then the crowd began screaming "Put it back on!!!"..
  • Sadly, a couple of members of Dr Hook have passed on. Jance Garfat, guitarist, was killed in a motorcyle accident in November of 2006.. John Wolters, drummer, died of liver cancer in 1997..
  • Dennis Locorriere was backup singer for Randy Travis for many years.. He was also the lone actor in "The Devil and Billy Markham".. He's done some touring in Europe and has released some solo albums..
  • Ray Sawyer tours under the "Dr. Hook" name
  • Rik Elswit does guitar related reviews for a store in San Rafael, CA and plays in a new band with David Gans & The Broken Angels..
  • Although I can't find what the lawsuit was about, drummer Jay David sued Dr. Hook..
  • After instant stardom, bankruptcy, several comebacks, touring and meaningless gigs to pay the bills, Dr. Hook broke apart in 1985. Thank goodness for CDs and internet! lol..
  • The songs on Dr. Hook's first and second album were written by Shel Silverstein.. Through the years, the group continued to record and sing Silverstein's songs..
  • Dr Hook had 35 gold or platinum hits during their career..
  • Dr Hook mimics blues, boogie, psychedelic and revue styles of music so expertly that they were able to one time actually perform as their own opening act without anyone being the wiser! lol.. "Dressed in satin and glitter, they played an entire set, took an encore, and retired to their dressing room, reappeared as Dr. Hook and played another set." No one realized this until the stage hands came out to glitter up Ray Sawyer on the last few songs of their set! lol..

Enjoy the beautiful ballads, crazy, eccentric songs and video of crazy onstage antics of Dr Hook & The Medicine Show! As I find more info on them, I'll add to this journal or my page as the 70s Classis Rock Profile Contest continues...

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Jul. 13, 2009 at 12:16 PM

Great tunes! Thanks for the info!

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Jul. 14, 2009 at 9:21 PM

I can't wait to get sound in my computer. I love Dr Hook.

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Jul. 19, 2009 at 1:45 AM

omgggggggggg, i love dr.hook!! my hubby got me hooked on them in high school.(married my hs sweetheart) "freakin at the freakers ball!" lol

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Jul. 19, 2009 at 1:47 AM

oh yeah, i saw a book at barnes & noble once that was called sex & rock n roll. it had pics of dr.hook on stage naked, ewwwwww. glad they did put the clothes back on, it wasn't pretty. lol

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Oct. 4, 2009 at 9:25 PM

I loved them too. I had the single 45 rpm record "On the Cover of the Rolling Stones". Then, later I got a record of other songs they sang. Thank you for giving us the history of their group. It was very interesting.

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Nov. 25, 2009 at 9:21 AM

I love Dr. Hook too. I loved a lot of their songs, and still do. I had a couple 45's and a few cassettes of their's. Thanks for posting the info about them.

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