Well we decided we were going to go home because we were staying at my dads for awhile, and pack up some small stuff and burn some trash that we just didn't need (aka my "junk" that never used). We walk in and my sorry ass roommate had not taken out the trash in a MONTH!! It was all over the floor, the kitchen counters, everywhere. And to make matters worse, he'd left the 3 dogs in and they got into the garbage. His dog crapped on my kids blanket and which I keep put up so that he can play on it, and he decided to use it for a dog bed and she refuses to go out when he's there. I was so pissed that I burnt it. I had to throw out a lot of my good blankets and sheets, because of her. She peed and pooped all over! And I keep these put up. The final straw was when I found my egyptian cotten sheets( which my granny paid almost $150 for my birthday) laid out ON THE FLOOR AND COVERED IN PISS! So my husband looked at me and said "we are packing up everything and heading back to dads". So we did. And we are only paying our half of the mortgage right now and my dad said that we can stay here as long as we help out with dinners and pay the water bill which is like $50.  I am so glad we are gone and I really hope that we sell teh house soon so that we can move out of dads and into our own home.... ROOMMATE FREE!

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Jul. 13, 2009 at 2:38 PM

That is horrible, some people have no consideration for thers. Thank God you have somewhere else to stay!

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