My day started out kind of stressful, My dryer is not drying the clothes, it gets hot and tumbles but does not dry, go figure! So i decieded to wash a few loads then throw my meatloaf in the oven and  take the clothes to the local laundry mat, Ive been to this laundry mat quite a few times before and usually there is a very nice man that works there, not so today because there was a very rude woman working, she yelled at an elderly man because his machine was off balance! Wait let me back up a bit...... When i got out of my mini van i heard a strange sound. I walked around and couldnt figure out what it is, I had intended on dumping the clothes in the dryer then running to the grocery store right next door, Did i mention i have my 3 and 6 yr olds with me?  I walk out of the laundry mat and guess what i have a flat tire, so i call my dh and he comes up to fix the tire which ends up Taking just the right amount of time because my clothes are now dry and im folding them trying to get home to my meatloaf in the mean time my 3 year old is taking quarters to the skittle dispensing machine, so now my 3 loads of laundry has taken 1 hour and 10 bucks to dry, I get loaded up to leave and this lady comes out screaming at me, and i quote " you no come back here i not want you business you too messy"  because apparently my 3 year old had dropped some of the skittles that missed his hand coming out of the dispenser!  She is acting like he crapped all over the place! So we are now banned from the local laundry mat, which to be honest is a good thing, the machines cant be any newer than the year i was born and u only get 4 minutes for a quarter, the machine didnt register one of my quarters in the first place and when i lightly tapped the machine to get the quarter to drop all the way she came running over and tried to say i was putting canadian quarters in, but i really feel like i should have gotten out of my van an said something to her, but i just wanted the whole situation over with!  Mind you had i been paying close attention i would have picked the skittles up myself but i was just in a huge hurry,,,, so what do you think!

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Jul. 15, 2009 at 2:02 AM

Wow that is awful. I hate when people have no business sense. I dont 'think you did anything wrong. The kid bought and dropped some stuff. Accidents happen the lady really needed to get a grip.No I haven't been banned from any place yet.

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Jul. 15, 2009 at 4:51 AM

I think she is an idiot. I'm glad you just ignored her. Sorry that happened!

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Jul. 15, 2009 at 6:43 PM

Of course you would have picked up the candy...he prob wouldn't even had have the chance to drop them if your day wasn't so awful to begin with.  We all get distracted, forget her and her junky place!

  I've only ever been banned from bars, and they don't count ;-)

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