Seems like everything in life these days are just insane. That problem seems crazy for a 20 year old to say huh. I sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong era or something and I'm constantly told I was too. Weird. Hahah. I just don't understand things right now I don't see how people can make sense out of their nonsense and why so many unimportant things are the most "important" things to most. Like hello. Who gives a drag about Michael Jackson, he's dead he's gone hallelujah and what a shame- I guess. It doesn't matter what the newest iPhone or whatever is, I really don't follow things sooo bare with me hah. It really drags that people my age know nothing about what is REALLY going on in life and just kinda goes with the flow. It's kinda scary that these people, yes the ones that are my age, will someday be in control of our lives. OOOOOH my. Kinda sad. Start opening your eyes and ears-not for the gossip and the fashion- but real world things. Teach your children and press them to know more about the important things in life... Make them work for what they get don't hand stuff over what is that teaching anyone?! You get what you earn not what I earn, not what the neighbor earned. Teach at a young age. These child are our futures. If we keep this up... there will be no future. And sometimes I worry about it NOW things are such a mess. The sad part is that there really is no way to go back in time and fix the things we've jacked up on and to turn this place around. It's too late and no one wants to work together we just want to take from this person and that and feel like things are owed to us or we deserve this or that. It's all wrong. It's very frustrating I'm having too much going on in my head right now that everything is so jumbled not to mention the lack of sleep from working all night lol. I'm just very disappointed in people and I really hate to say it. Where are all of our morals? What are we doing to our children? I wish I could change things.  

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