They say that as many as 70% of women who have a "feeling" about the sex of their child are right. I don't know who THEY are, but I like to believe that these are pretty good odds. When I was pregnant with Hayden, I knew immediately that he was going to be a boy, but dreamed one time that I was carrying a girl. From that moment on I was convinced that it was a girl. I should have listened to my first instinct.

With this one, I have not one time had a feeling that this baby is a boy. Perhaps it's because this time around I would like a girl. Or perhaps it's because I have had 3 dreams that it's a girl. The first dream(and some of it really made no sense, you know how dreams go) I was dating a guy that didn't look like Craig, but was him. He was leaving and I said to him that I just had one question. He interrupted me and said "it's a girl." It's not the question I was going to ask, but at that moment I woke up.

The second,  I dreamed that I had the baby and they took it to recovery without telling me what it was. My mom and I walked the hall and outside each room they had either a pink or blue tag with last name and either "boy" or "girl". When I got to my room, it said "Jennings: Girl".

And lastly, I dreamed that we had the baby and got home without knowing what it was. I know why I had this dream... Craig is wanting to wait until we have the baby to find out the sex. Anyway, we got home and I told him that I was ready to find out and he kept saying no! Don't ask me why! I told him that I was going to peak and sure enough it was a girl!!

I may be completely wrong and my mind is dreaming what I would like to see. I guess I will just have to wait until the ultrasound. That's just 6 weeks away and hopefully by then I can convince Craig that it would make things much easier to find out early instead of waiting. I think I am breaking him down!

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