Hello mamas!  This is just an update of what has been going on so far this summer (and I use that term loosely). The kids are super busy, from baseball and football, to home made science experiments, camping trips, and limited days in the pool. Caden starts football next week, and we are iso a drummer to teach the boys how to bang on the skins. Isaiah wants to play soccer so I need to track down an indoor soccer league for kids. We have been schooling on and off during the summer, from writing editorials, reading good books, bouncing eggs, and other bizarre experiments. The boys should be getting there things from CCA shortly, we are super excited about schooling at home. Our oldest, Kayla is expecting her first child, for those who didn't know, and she is starting school (hopefully, pending drivers license so she can get back and forth). She will be relocating to our spare room in the basement and we will hopefully be adding on to it (bathroom for her and baby and a walk in closet).  Rumor has it at DH's shop that over time just might come back for a spell, its been since November since any as been offered.  We are excited about that news! As for myself, well I am just hanging with the kids, tried a part time job but its not working out. I am also thinking of starting a business of my own, there is lots of work ahead if we choose to do it. I have also placed ads offering childcare EVERYWHERE including on here lol.  Well that about wraps it up!

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Aug. 5, 2009 at 9:59 PM

What a quick update! Hoping this finds you all still well!

Oh, and CONGRATS on the new little one in the house... what a neat blessing! To have such a close family that you get to enjoy in the experience.

Love Much, Katherine

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