Well, it's been a while, but I'm finally pretty much back to my old self...if not a bit more outgoing than before.  I talked to friends, and after a week of recouping physically, started going out with friends to anime conventions again to keep from dwelling on something that was out of my control and can't be fixed.  After doing that, I gained more friends, and decided it was time to start hanging out with more friends.  Now I'm optomistic about the next time we try for a family, and am all around optomistic about life in general.  Before trying for a family again however, there are 2 things my husband and I need to do first.   We need to move (moving back to NC to be around family and friends..though I'll be leaving behind my favorite state and some friends here) and get a job with health insurance.  Anyway, as I said, for now, life is good.  :)

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