I quit. I hate it. I think cigarettes are probably the biggest drain on my health, my beauty, my pocketbook, and my free time in my life. Quitting makes me healthy enough to get pregnant next year. Quitting makes my hair, skin, teeth and nails prettier(and Lord knows I am vanity personified). Quitting gives me an extra 120 dollars a  month! Woo! Can we say--shopping spree?!?! LOL Quitting makes me a homicidally crazy bitch intent on not thinking of smoking, and yet envisioning grabbing all the tobacco flakes from the bottom of my purse and rolling them in TP to smoke--therefore also making me have multiple persoanlities and some odd ideas about what TP's actual use is.

I need a cigarette. I am mad, I am grouchy, I want a friggin cigarette dammit, and if I do not get one soon I am going to---smile really big and repeat my mantra. Oh yeah that's what the Quit coach told me. Eff that. My mantra is give me a smoke before I rip your head off and chit down your throat. Good gravy mavey, I NEED A CIGGY!

Cool nice menthol smoke sliding down my throat into my lungs billowing proudly through my bronchioles--wait that's not exacrtly an attractive picture for me. Well hey! Look at that! I found something to gross me out when I am thinking of smoking! Woo! Yeah me!

Okay y'all random rambling done--for now. Expect more pissiness for the next few days--esp today.

And PLEASE, leave me some love and encouragement. Just a simple "You can do it!" if you can't be nice. I am dieing here and need some support.

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Jul. 27, 2009 at 10:45 AM

You can do it! I give you props... I need to quit too.

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Jul. 27, 2009 at 3:58 PM

YAY!!!! You can do it I know you can! You're strong!

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Jul. 27, 2009 at 5:19 PM

dancingYOU can do it. I tried but failed. I think this is your second time also lol BUT it may take a couple times to try but you can get through this. Write a million posts a day instead of a cig. Keep busy. Sleep is good also when you dont' have cigs makes it easier I fount out.
bow down

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