So SO got hired for two jobs the first day we went out looking.
He's decided to take the job with the rental company Aaron's though.
They pay $9 a hour along with health && dental benefits, a 401K after a yr., Sundays off, && lots of other shit.
It's hard work, so I hope he sticks to it.

He starts Monday there, so we still have to figure out how to come up with rent.
I'm planning on having a HUGE yard sale this Saturday.
I'm talking books, DVDs, DVD players, video games, ect . . .
So if you're in the Sumter area, look for it.

So that's my update.
I'm gonna go finish unpacking boxes && getting yard sale stuff together.

Take care everyone.

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Jul. 29, 2009 at 2:14 PM

You should make a group post about it so we can see what you're selling and then maybe we could just send you the money.

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