Today just started off on a really scary aspect....I get a phone call around 8 this morning from my sister saying my brother's been in an accident, he rolled my dad's SUV. I rush over to where everyone is and my parents are a mess and my brother is in the back of a squad car. Apparently he took the SUV after my mom left for work and went for a drive. I don't know the whole story I'll catch up with my family tomorrow to get all the nitty gritty details. He might or might not have been drunk but he probably was difinatly drinking as my sister bought him liquor last night. He won't talk to anyone to tell what happened. But apparently he took the car and crashed it and came home after ditching the car. My dad woke up to find his car was missing and called the cops. My brother confessed to taking the car and showed my parents where it was. But that's all he'd say. At the car the cop is talking to my parents and taking pictures while another cop tries to find the crash site since my brother refused to talk. The car was totaled. All the damage was done on the driver's side of the car. When the cop finally found the crash site and the other cop took my brother to the police station to write him several tickets and get whatever sort of statement he could get out of my brother, me and my parents went to look at the crash site. From the looks of the damage he turned a corner too sharply and too fast and ended up on the grass, drove on the grass for about 6 car lengths where he ended up on the street again, wether it was because of the wet grass or the lip between the gutter and street we don't know but he ended up on the street on only two tires. There's a short area of tracks, a rim scraped a gouge in the street then there's two huge areas of paint transfer and a damaged tree and some tire impressions in the dirt and a mud trail. From the cop's experience he deduced that my brother drove on two tires for a sec the tire blew causing the gouge in the street and causing the car to sumersault. The first transfer is probably the hood the second the roof and the back bummer must have hit the tree setting the car back on its wheels where my brother drove it away and ditched it in a parking lot about a mile away. From there he walked the 3 miles back home and tried to act like nothing happened. The cop said based on all the damage this was a horrificly bad accident and he's never seen an accident like this where the person lived. Knowing my brother he also wasn't wearing a seatbelt. He basically shouldn't be alive right now. I have never seen my parents so upset. Never and I never want to see that again. My brother is only 17 and doesn't have a license. He was arrested a few months back for a dui and driving without a license when he stole my mother's car, then about 2 weeks later he got drunk again and was arrested for petty larceny, now this has happened. He graduated in june and has spent at least 4 days a week since graduation drunk. His drinking days go like this....wake up around 1 or 2 pm sometimes later, get dressed, walk 4 miles or so into the city to go to the corner store and buy a gallon of orange juice and a bottle of vodka, mix the two in an empty gallon jug, sometimes get a friend sometimes hang by himself at the canal in one of the side paths and just drink until the alcohol is gone. He spends basically all day drunk. He's developing a problem fast and has had so many close calls. He's already been arrested twice, his girlfriend of 3 years broke up with him because of his drinking, he got into a fist fight with his best friend of 13 years because they were drunk and they are no longer friends, and now he got into an accident so bad he should have been seriously injured or dead instead of just having a scrape on his arm....I'm so worried about him, I don't know what to do. My husband no longer wants him around our kids at all. I can't blame him but this is my baby brother we used to be super close and now it seems like he wants to ruin his life.

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Jul. 30, 2009 at 2:39 PM

I sense a lot of pain in your brother. Something terrible happened to him and this is how he's getting the anger out. Humiliation would be a better word for it. I can't suggest anything since I don't know you and have never seen or talked to him.

Instead of a bind, I suggest a spell to release Negative energy. Your brother is permeated with it.

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Jul. 30, 2009 at 9:20 PM

Oh my goodness! I am gld that your brother didnt get hurt in the accident, I really really hope that he can straighten his life out. Maybe this will be a big wake up call....

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