yep, i had to go again. i tried 6 neb treatments at home before i called johnny and told him to come get me. i was breathing at an 85 (100 is best) so they got me right in. i went in and basically told the nurses and doctors what i needed which was steriod shots and straight oxygen. (it's not my first rodeo), the respiratiory guy recognized me. that's not good. as well as a 2 others on the respiaratory floor. i was on an ER stretcher for 10 hours before they had a room ready for me upstairs, talk about a bad backache! i stayed for 4 days and got out on my birthday. had shots every 6 hours and treatments every 4. actually on my birthday on my breakfast tray they gave me a card and a little dog that sings happy birtthday so that was kinda cool. that hardest day i would say would've been when johnny came up with mason and i watched them walk down the hall to leave and mason kept looking back and waving bye all the way down. so of course he's all cuddly to me now at home, more than usual and especially at night. the house was/is a mess. i told johnny i wasn't getting down on my hands and knees anymore!!! i want my swiffers but instead he buys me a $1 sponge mop which i only got the living room and barely the kitchen done before it broke@!!!! i'm so mad. spend $6 and get me something that'll last for a month. oh well his

it's been 6 days since i smoked, this sucks. i envy the people that can just light up and still breathe. ARGH!!!!!

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Aug. 1, 2009 at 1:11 PM

Happy belated birthday first of all.  I kept telling myself not to forget and I went ahead and forgot anyhow!  2nd of all...DON'T smoke!  Please quit and get healthy!!!

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