so the last month has been a whirlwind. we went on  a trip to washington to visit and surprise my family. it was a blast. we flew out there and then drove back to wisconsin. people think we are nuts with two little kids but they did great. before we left we had been working with an apartment complex to get into a two bedroom. we continued to keep in touch with the manager and on our drive back we were able to make arrangements to stop and see it before continuing home. well we took it and after being gone a month we rested for 2 days then started packing our stuff. it has been a hard few weeks but we are moved out of our old one bedroom. it is about two and a half hours  closer to hubbys work (thank goodness) and two bedrooms!!!!! yay so we actually get a bedroom!!! it is nice. we have a dishwasher and laundry facilities in the basement. so we are just in the process of unpacking our stuff. it is crazy it feels over crowded in here already, but we moved our stuff out of storage so we had more than we remember. but i am happy to have a bedroom and more space. so things are going pretty good here.

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