My husband is very jealous. He has no more reason than I to be that way. The other day some one sent me an out of the blue text. Some one I haven't talked to in years. I told him I didn't know why he sent it and if I was that worried about it I would have erased it.

Later on that evening he said maybe I project myself as easy. It really upset me. I try to be nice and friendly to his friends and family. I've had four kids so I don't wear clothes that show to much. I just don't understand where he got this from. He said I was to inviting, to nice so does he want to be a bitch to everyone he invites over.

It's pretty clear that I'm married. Thats not something I try to hide.

The very next day after he called me easy he told me to go clubbing in Nashville with my sister. We we're supposed to all go together so I got upset. Eventually I decided to go and got dressed. When I did he complained about my clothes and said my dress said " f*#k me" . I think he's being so rude.

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Aug. 3, 2009 at 9:47 AM mad

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