My 1st Anniversary with the Pampered Chef is at the end of this month and I’m hoping to celebrate with all of you at a Mystery Host Party.  I am looking for at least 10 people to participate in a Pampered Chef "Mystery Host Party" during the month of August, with the mysteries being revealed at the  29th Open House.

Lots of prizes will be given away…the more the merrier!

This is how it works:
Every participant will need to obtain $100 worth of orders from
friends, family, yourself, and/or coworkers - orders can be placed online and can be shipped direct to you! At the end of the sale
there will be at least $1000 worth of orders. The (10) individuals names
will be placed into the pot to draw for the host rewards!

Check out the Prizes!
**1st Prize: $150 in FREE Products

**2nd Prize: $65 in FREE Products

**3rd Prize: Buy up to 2 products (or combos) at half price (plus tax)

**4th Prize: Buy up to 2 products (or combos) at half price (plus tax)

**5th Prize:   60% off of a piece of Cookware

**6th Prize:  60% off of a piece or set of Cookware

**7th Prize:  A 10% discount on all purchases on you make in the next year

**8th Prize:  A 10% discount on all purchases on you make in the next year

**9th and 10th Prizes – Surprize! J

In addition, if you sell more than $150, I will give you a free NEW Fall/Winter ’09 Season’s Best!  And ANY guest purchasing $60 or more will receive a FREE Cookbook! 

Door Prizes will also be given at the Open House:  earn entries for attending, bringing a friend, placing an order, booking a show, joining my team, participating in the Mystery Host event, and more!

The odds are AWESOME, since all participants walk away with prizes
& you ALL have the option of getting a free cookbook. It only takes a
handful of orders to get there, so how about it?

I will provide you with the Pampered Chef catalogs, order forms, specials flyers and Mystery Host Prize listing. 

Your customers can pay with cash, check (written out to consultant name)

or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express).

What a great way to have a party! No food or beverages to purchase,
you don't even have to clean your house! Please respond to me by
Friday, August 14th to get started!

The Mystery Host Catalog Party begins today and ends August 28th. (You will need to call, mail or email me your orders before the Open House). The drawing will be on August 29th at 1:30p, during the Open House. All participants will be notified of the results, but do not have to attend.

Thank you for your support this month and for the past year!!!  I have enjoyed being your Pampered Chef Consultant

and hope to make my 2nd year even better!

**Please note: If we get less than 10 participants, I will still hold
the party, the benefits for the winners be adjusted based on our
host program. I will notify you in advance of the changes.

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