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My first journal!!

A little about myself.... I am a mother and wife. I LOVE to laugh more than anything. I love to travel, shop, take pictures, go to concerts, be outside, etc. And of course be with my friends and family.

I have the most complicated hectic life you can imagine. Over the past few years my family has been through hell!! We have lost several family members, one of which who was only 19 and like a sister to me. We have several family members who have become ill, two of which are my own parents. My son Cameron almost died at birth due to a massive stroke that no one knew about before he was born. We were told he would die or be a vegetable so I spent his first year worried sick. I was a single mother for a yr and a half since his bio dad decided he didn't want a child with a brain injury. It took a lot for me to make it as a young single mom. I met my husband Chad and we dated for only 6 mons before we were engaged. We got married in Jamaica and it was so beautiful! He is the best father and husband!

And more recently we had problems concieving and after a yr of trying got pregnant. We went for our first ultrasound at 9 wks and the baby had no heart beat! That was so devastating. And that brings us to the present!!

I have been able to stay at home with my son for awhile and now I am getting ready to go back to work full time. I will work evenings at the T Mobile call center. I have never worked second shift before so it will be an adjustment for me and my husband and son. I'm looking forward to getting out a little bit and I'm also a bit anxious. I hope the new schedule will not hurt my relationship with my hubby. I feel so sorry for him, he has to work all day and come home to take care of our son and make dinner. He is the best dad though and I know he and Cameron will have a lot of fun together.

I joined Cafe mom to hopefully meet other moms like me. I am just like every other woman, I try to do it all and have it all but sometimes that doesn't quite work out. I somehow made it through some really hard times and I just want to be happy and be surrounded by good friends who can laugh, cry, bitch, and complain together like all girls should have!


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Aug. 5, 2009 at 4:24 PM

Glad you're here.  I may the same story, but I know a lot about struggling so those around me can be happy and  healthy.  You have a friend here if you need to rant and rave or laugh and have a good time. 

My heart goes out to you.  I don't know what it is like to lose someone that is apart of who you are, but you sound amazingly resilient and your Hubby sounds like the man you need in your life!  All the best, becaues that is all that you deserve!

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Aug. 5, 2009 at 11:07 PM

I worked second shift (4-12) for four years as a single mom and it put such a strain on me, even when I quit recently and moved - I had no clue how to put my own son to bed. I was a really hard adjustment. You going to work and leaving those little bedtime rituals that I'm just learning about may be even harder than what I went through.

If you ever need a sitter for date night with the hubs, hit me up girl! ^_^

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