We live in Dallas right now on the border of Farmer's Branch. We are about 20-25 min away from hubbs work. Our lease is up next month..so we've been looking for something in Irving..where he works. We might be here another month or 2 after our lease is up. We are looking at a few options...we want to steer clear of the apartment complex scene if possible...we looked into some duplexes and houses for rent....it would be so perfect for what we need...one is a 2 bdrm with 1 bath and garage, fenced in back yard..it's a duplex. And the other is a 3 bdrm house..with 2 car garage and fenced in back yard..a rec room..the whole 9 yards...I REALLY want the 3 bdrm...oh, and they are both less than we are paying for rent now. For the 3 bdrm..we have to fill out a credit report and then they send you the location of the property..so we might not get it due to bad credit...and i'm waiting to hear back for the duplex. There is a guy thats works with my husband that is moving out of his house in 2 months...and wants to rent it...its 2 bdrm and fenced in back yard...garage....hubbs really wants a garage to work on the firebird in...lol. Boys and their toys! But the guy he works with wants 100 dollars more than we are paying for rent now...which we can afford...but of course cheaper is better always. We've moved 8 times in 6 years...I hate moving...as we aquire more kids stuff and more stuff for us...it's just so much harder, and the kids take awhile to adjust when we move to a new place. Don't get me wrong, I want to be closer to his work..it would be nice...and we need some more space...we have exoanded as a family, but I hate all the paperwork and credit checks and deposits and packing and switching utilities...I hate everything that comes along with moving, but once we get settled into the new place everyones always happier. Wherever we move this time we want to stay there until we buy a house...Sydney will be going to school in whatever district we move...so it's an important choice this time...I want her to be in a good district...he wants a garage, I want a covered porch and more space and 3 bedrooms and a fenced back yard...that would make me happy. I really hope we can find a place to settle for awhile and I hope that our credit report is not a hinderance in the search. It's gonna be a busy next few months...it will be interesting to see what happens.  :) 

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Aug. 13, 2009 at 11:03 PM

Hey, What part of Irving have you been looking at?  I live in North Irving the Valley Ranch area which is really nice.  If you want, one day you can come up this way and I'll ride around with you looking for some places.  We're looking to buy a house soon, but probably in the Carrollton area. Have you considered looking there?  It isn't too much further.

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