So I've hit the stage in my pregnancy, where my friends and co-workers have stopped, saying "oh you look so cute, you're all belly" to "how are feeling?". Yea, I'm fat, bloated and swollen with another 10 weeks to waddle around.

So as I waddle to the store today in my Maxi-dress to cover my "big legs" as DH so elequently called them. I run across the baby department, and see this toy for LO's to chew on. It's a plush cow, and it says "I love my Moomy". Now, I may look like a cow, I may feel like a cow, but I certainly don't need a toy to remind me. What male thought this was a great idea?? Call it pregnancy hormones, but I wanted to rip off the heads of all those "cute little cows".

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Dec. 30, 2009 at 2:33 AM

my dh called me moomy while pregnant and after b/c i bf for 8 weeks everytime i had to pump i said mooo lol

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