All of those against health care reform are stupid! A lot of people have been brainwashed into believing reform will cut benefits for everyone and it will all end up being more expensive. That's just BS! Without reform, more people will have to file for bankruptcy every year due to high as hell medical bills. Every year your insurance premiums and deductibles will go up and all your benefits will go down. Eventually you will be paying insurance companies for nothing. How do I know? That's where I am right now. 13 years ago I paid $6 per paycheck for health/dental/vision insurance twice a month. My co-pays for everything were $10. Now my family pays $600 a month for insurance that doesn't cover anything until we dish out $5000 per person. And all it covers is medical, no dental, no vision. The company my husband works for doesn't even offer Dental insurance. Vision is separate coverage. Sure we get a "discount" for carrying insurance but it's barely anything. I had to have an ultrasound on my thyroid a few months ago. Guess how much of a discount I got! Five Whole Dollars! The rest of the bill came to $300 something. Oh yea, that's health insurance worth keeping! SOMETHING has to be done and it has to be done NOW! Everyone needs to open their eyes and ears and actually see what's going on right now with health care.

   Right now your insurance company has more say in what health care you receive than your doctor does. Isn't there something a bit f*cked up with that? Five years ago I worked for a hospital as a Financial Counselor. I called to tell insurance companies when patients were in the hospital. I also helped people find a way to pay their medical bills which, even then, often times ended up being medical bankruptcy. I spent hours pleading with insurance companies to cover procedures that were necessary and/or detrimental. Here's some things many people don't know. If you're put in the hospital for observation (that means an overnight stay just to make sure nothing more is wrong with you), most insurance companies don't cover that. When you have a baby, some insurance companies want to know your baby's APGAR scores. Why? They use it to determine how much of you and your baby's stay they are willing to cover. Most insurance companies will not cover a mammogram for any reason until you are age 40 but they have no problem covering prescriptions for ED. And here's one more personal example of how much current health care sucks! 4 years ago my husband's heart went into atrial fibrillation. It was so bad he was rushed to a trauma room at the ER. They had to use a defibrillator right then and there to save his life. When we got the medical bill, use of the defibrillator was not covered and we were charged over $500 for it. When I asked why none of it was covered I was told use of a defibrillator is "ELECTIVE!" In other words, use of a device to save a life is your choice and therefor not covered by insurance, as if it were a cosmetic procedure. So the next time you or someone you love has a heart attack and is saved by use of a defibrillator, just remember, your insurance company may see your life being saved as a personal choice.

I highly recommend everyone still not convinced that healthcare reform is needed check out this website:

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Aug. 13, 2009 at 11:56 AM

I agree health care needs to be fixed but I sure don't want the government running it.  They already do a horrible job with medicare and medicade.  And nationalized health care has been proven not to be the answer in other countries.

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