So some of you know that I've been sick since February but for those of you who don't here's my background:

Went to the dr in February complaining of being exhausted and confused. He said that if he worked as much and slept as little as I did that he's be tired too. Diagnosis: exhaustion. I could either get some rest or he was admitting me to the hospital.  Since sleep is for the weak I started taking No Doz  when I'd get 'droopy' at work. My diet lacks caffeine for the most part so it worked quite well and I didn't take them often. I'm not feeling better  (my throats getting sore randomly) but avoiding the dr.

Enter March. Sore throats are every day and swallowing is getting difficult. I suck it up and go to the dr because I can barely swallow water. He can see how swollen my lymphnodes are on the left side by looking at me. Holy giant lump batman.  Strep test was negative. He says he believes it's a mono infection but wants me to get a CT Scan to rule out a tumor and gave me antibiotics. I atarted the antibiotic but I also began having trouble breathing when I lie down. I went back a few days later for bloodwork where I complained about breathing trouble and he said just go get a CT scan. The nurse called me 3 days after my blood work and said I had mono but it was not a new infection- I have Epstein Barr. Crap that's why I get so sick and tired alllllll the time. No one give me info on what to do from here. I finish the antibiotic.  The lump is gone but the sore throats are still around.

April I can't take it anymore and get the CT scan which shows nothing but a thyroid lesion 8mm in length. The dr has the nurse call me and tell me to see an Otolaryngologist AKA ENT. Still sick with even less answers.

June I go back to the dr telling him I am still sick. The lump is gone but I am choking on food and can't breathe when lying flat. He says he doesn't know whats wrong with me and to go to an ENT. This is where copays at work increase and pay is cut. Seeing a specialist will have to wait. Now I'e got bone pain on top of everything else and I can't breathe when my heads back. Fevers on and off and dizziness. My sex drive is a thing of the past (tmi?) and my moods are waaaaaay crazy-- and I know crazy I'm manic depressive but this was bad even for me.

August I went to an ENT in East Brunswick. Over an hour away to an office that smelled like someone peed. Dr. Rosenbaum was his name and misdianosis is his game lol. He barely listened to anything I said. He put a scope in my nose and down my throat-- didn't clean it nor put some sort of scope condom (lol) on it. GROOOSSS Says there's damage in my throat that "possibly looks like it may have been caused from stomach acid" I tried to explain that I dealth with Bulemia for several years and when I was pregnant I had heartburn for 7 months but he wouldnt let me get a work out. I get heartburn yes. After peperoni pizza or when I get SUPER stressed. Diagnosis: Acid Reflux. Ok I was willing to accept that I had reflux. Makes some sense I supose. But he wrote me a RX for Nexium which I can't take because it's purple and on my paperwork it says I'm allergic to red dye. I wrote it on there twice btw. And I guess in all those years of medical school blue + red= purple never came up.

2 weeks later I went to an wonderful Internist who looked down my throat and felt my glands after speaking to me about all my symptoms for about 25 minutes (yeah she actually listened) she said (in Russian accent) "Doctor is not good. Scid reflux?" (shaking head and being quite annoyed she says "Is mono not acid reflux. My dear you either never got over it and just felt better for a week or weakened it and got it back." She also wanted my endometriosis checked. AND guess who's got  heart murmer that no one else picked up. Yeah that's be me. UGH! She had bloodwork done, an EKG, and 3 sonagrams. (heart, abdoman, and pelvic area) If anything comes back relly bad she'll call me in sooner but otherwise I'm to come back in 2 weeks. I made an appt for the 29th at 9:30.  The only bad part is the antibiotic she gave me is causing SEVERE stomach cramps but I only have 2 days left so I can suck it up.

I apparently shouldn't be at work for a few weeks but I can't miss time like that. But that means I'm not going to get any better. Plus schools starts back up in a few weeks and I got Deans List last semseter and you bet your ass I'm going to get it again...not matter how sick and tired I am. Plus I still have to make sure Dharma and I are spending time together and get 1 more zoo trip in before the winter.

Good news is Halloween is in 74 days =)

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Aug. 17, 2009 at 12:33 PM

Wow seems like you have a lot of problems. Been to the doctore hundreds of times and are still suffering. I know that life can suck, ecspecially when things go wrong. But let me tell you a secret. I too have had some problems. But I am a christian and I believe in healing. I HAD severe back pains once upon a time. so bad I could hardly walk. My pastor gave an altar call, i went up front and he laid hands on me and prayed for me.  I went out of course, and as soon as I got back up, I was HEALED. Yes, I said Healed! I no longer suffer from chronic back pain and am so grateful to God for it.  Jesus is the only way, The truth the light and the way.   So I just wanted to tell you this. If you want to know more or to just talk message me!


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