Ivy's potty training has been going extremely well. We went to the zoo today and I thought about staying consistent while we were there. But I decided not to bother her with potty time and just let her go in diapers. I left her portable potty seat at home. Well she had other plans and told me to put her on the public potty. Lol. I didn't have her seat, so she was upset at how uncomfortable it was. So I think we're ready to take our potty training on the road officially instead of occasionally. I'm open to any and all advice or tips. First off, the right portable potty. I have a foldable seat like this in white with a Sesame Street theme.

I thought it was brilliant when I saw it. But after a while of having it, not so much. It's hard and uncomfortable for Ivy to sit on. It says no slip, but keeping it in place if often hard. That's if we make it to a public toilet in time in a crowded place. I recently saw this one and it it sounds awesome!

It's a foldable potty seat AND a mini toilet for when there's no potty available. I'm not thrilled that it used disposable liners. But since they're only needed when there's no big potty to put it on, maybe I can just use my prefold cloth diapers instead to help the environment. Has anyone ever used this before? Is it any more comfortable or easier to keep in place?

Any other public potty training tips? She loves when I read her books about potty training to her while she's doing it so she can compare herself to the characters. So I can get a few mini books for my purse. We're doing great with big girl panties. Any other ideas?

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Aug. 18, 2009 at 6:01 PM

Sounds like you are getting things figured out!

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