i just don't know what i am going to do now. for the past 6 yers i have been with Rick. yeah we've had our ups and downs and nearly broke up quite a few times but never a fight like tonight. i can't even remember what it was about now. i just feel like i do everything around our house whie he just sits in teh bedroom day in and day out. yeah he works 3 nights a week but even on his days off he stays in thebedroom and never bothers to come out. i amthe one that wakes up with our son. i am the only one that cooks dinner. i am teh one that does laundry. hell i am hte ony person our son will let put him to sleep anymore. i never get out of the house. i have tried finding a job but no place is hiring near enough to us since we don'thave a car. he hasn't even bought our son pullups in months and he knows he needs them. i am trying to potty train hiim but he just doesn't seem to grasp the idea yet. i am so confused right now. he gets horrible mood swings all the time but will not admit that he needs help. according to him i bring on his mood swings because he never knows what mood i will be in. he actually told me tonight that we have been torn apart for a long time tonight. he could have fooled me because i thought we were together this whole time. i asked him if he liked seeing me cry and being upset and he tells me he thinks that i am the one who wants to break up. i would go to a friends house for a while but in all truth the only friends i have are 3 girls i met right nere and none of them live in teh same state as me. even friends that we made together don't want to talk to me. i have heard him the few rare times we have gone out together tell people that he does so much around the house while i am lazy and do nothing. they actually believe him over me because they know i don't work and they never see me. i would love to get out and make friends but he has made that impossible. he tells me we don't have any money for me to go out and join a pool team yet he is on 2 teams. i'm more worried for Aidan right now than myself. i don't want him to grow up in a split home but i really think that is what Rick wants. i mean tonights fight was a huge one and it was all right in front of Aidan. hes only two anda half years old he doesn't need this in his littlelife. yeah there is a guy that i almost left him for that i still talk to but we are only friends now. he makes the comment while our son was in teh room that maybe he should just die so i can be with the other guy. i never said i wanted that and i barley talk to tthe other guy as is. i just want us to be a family and stay that way but he makes it so hard to stay with him when he gets like this. i don'twant to suggest couples therapy because then he will blow up even more. this is the longest relationship i have ever been in and i am scared for it to end

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Aug. 18, 2009 at 11:37 PM

wow, it's as if i am reading my own story right now. everything that you just said is exactly what's going on in my life. been married for six years, kindy rocky, fighting, laziness on his part.....unreal. hang in there, follow your heart, and do what is best for your child. if your husband cares enough to come around he will, if not, i'd assume it's over. i feel mine is over now too.

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