I have been surfing the net and reading many of my favorite green sites.  I have been seeing to many things that are  just plain shocking, leaving me to wonder has the ubber green followers gone to far?

First thing that really made me go huh? was potty whispering or know as elimination communication (EC).  Basically this is a practice of  talking to your baby as they are pooping or wetting their diaper.  AND using the babies tell signs of "going potty" to hold your child over the toilet as to help them understand where you want them to go.  That basically the baby doesn't want to mess their diaper they want to go to the potty.  Hummm I agree that babies aren't stupid but then I really don't believe they are thinking that they don't want a diaper on. Are they  really  thinking I have to go,  are they thinking I want to go or just yes thank-you parent person for removing my soiled diaper.  You see this helps with limiting the number of diapers used, less landfill and less cloth diapers that have to be washed. This will save  15-20% of the approximately 27.4 billion disposable diapers used in the US.... but really?  Isn't this another thing to attack the already shaky psyche of a new parent specifically the mother?   What your 6 month old doesn't go diaper free part time? You DON"T potty whisper?? GASP!
   Confused? The basics of potty whispering is watch and put over a toilet. So you watch your baby try to learn their signs of when they use their diaper.  You can basic tell when they are using their diaper by watching, learn their natural rhythms and by instinct.  hummm I know at times I thought oh nice the little one is making a stinky diaper for grandma but it ends up that they just had gas.  We do this on instinct already.  You hold them over the potty for them to do their business. There was a picture of a 3 month old.  Ok really that young? Wow I am glad I don't have to worry about potty training anymore.  I am told that girls are easier and I was very lucky the wet diaper was the biggest motivator, plus a bigger kid friend who had  a cool potty that made all the grown ups go OH You're a big boy now.  She just decided to use it just like he did.  Yea I am braggging but it was that easy for me. I feel for the moms that don't have it as easy as I did.  Plus working mommas have really hard they can't watch their babies 24/7, again the war between the working mommas and the stay at home mommas gets more attention.
So I think if I had a little one right now I wouldn't worry about potty whispering too much.  I did have the fun of a little raw bottom from diapers that gave her a rash out and left her on a towel with a changing pad under that to help air it out, but to hold her over the potty and tell her to go on the potty at 3 months.  Nope, I don't think  I would have done that far!! 

Then it was the colon cleansing that is recommended that had me going huh?.  Shame on them. There are sites that are being sued now for using Oprah and Dr. Oz's names without their true endorsement.   If you are ubber green you know that a colon cleanse should NOT be a choice because you already have eaten a balance diet. Stay away from those frozen family sized meals that you nuke to heat.  Give up the sugar drinks. Ok that is my weakness.. :as she takes a drink of Pepsi:.  Don't open that little envelope and  mix in milk or water to make a meal that you could have done 20 some years ago from scratch.   No need to remove toxins from your body you haven't placed any in your body.  Or very few.   Oh  and : Don't nuke anything in plastic to not be exposed to BPA (Bisphenol A ) , use glass.  Speaking of BPA  don't use canned veggies or fruits, buy frozen or fresh.  Don't wash your hair or body in anything containing  Nitrosamines, Lead and Other Heavy Metals, Parabens,  Phthalates,  Hydroquinone, or 1,4-dioxane.  Check the site Skin Deep first.

That was my rant for the day...........

What do you think of potty whispering?


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Aug. 25, 2009 at 2:38 AM

This is for whoever thought of potty whispering...


Really? Come on kids are already under enough pressure you want to hold them over a potty when they're newborns?

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Aug. 25, 2009 at 1:02 PM

Potty Whispering rocks . . . at least for those for whom it resonates, who give it a try and who don't obsess about it. It's best to start very gradually and do it part time.  You don't have to start at birth. You can start at almost any age.

We used traditional toilet learning with our first two and infant potty training with our third (he was 3 months old when we started), so I'm able to compare the two. We much preferred infant pottying. We were thrilled to start and finish much sooner with our third.

It boils down to a lifestyle choice. Obviously, it's not for everyone--no means of toilet learning is, but why knock those who use it? The main no-no's are no pressure, no punishment, no rushing toilet learning. For more no-nos and a short overview http://www.pottywhisperer.com/ . BTW "Potty Whispering" is the title of a DVD too.

We used it 30 years ago when disposables were just appearing on the market. We decided against using them, mainly for enviromental reasons, but for families who prefer disposables, infant potty training can still be done. Many families use diapers (cloth or disposables) in between potty visits. We did. It's simply a matter of preference.

Here's a link for a summary of the practice in 10 languages http://www.TimL.com/ipt

A variation has been used in most of the world for centuries. Billions of happy babies can't be wrong.

For the how-to's, tactics, medical & anthro reports, history, cross-cultural studies and more read "Infant Potty Training: A Gentle and Primeval Method Adapted to Modern Living" 


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Aug. 28, 2009 at 1:43 PM

Thanks for your input Lekker!  Guess I was on the mindset that some mommas I know that did things like make the toddler sit on the potty every hour on the nour thinking.....

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