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A Young Mom Castrates Her Child Instead of Circumcising Him

M. H. Navoiseau-Bertaux for

American collective circumcising madness is responsible.

Katherine Nadal
Katherine Nadal
Photo courtesy: Harris County Sheriffs Office

(PARIS, France) - The circumcision polemic has recently come to an extreme point in Houston (Texas). Indeed, on the next morning of an argument with her husband about circumcising their baby or not, a young and pretty mother has castrated her baby.

This caricature of circumcision is the most ferocious lesson that can be given to the collective circumcising madness that has been raging for decades in the United States. (see: Prosecutors say parents argued before mutilation - By BRIAN ROGERS Houston Chronicle)

Indeed, the only way to explain Katherine Nadal's desperate gesture is to understand that the young mom's troubled mind has merely mingled the whole sex and the foreskin.

Psychoanalysis teaches that this is a typical form of unconscious reasoning, commonly called madness.

Freud calls it "condensation"; Lacan, pointing out that it is a purely mental and linguistic process, calls it "metonymy". The metonymy at work in this case is: the whole instead of the part.

The young mum is of course irresponsible. American collective circumcising madness is responsible.

The American Medical Association must immediately pronounce the abolition of circumcision.

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"Sigismond" (M. H. Navoiseau-Bertaux) is a psychoanalysis researcher in France, an activist dedicated to raising awareness about the dark side of circumcision, and is a good friend of


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