yesterday johnny walked out to go to work but then i heard him come right back. i thought he had forgotten something. but no instead he walks in and tells me both our cars had been keyed! so i go outside to look and yep, key marks the length and even around on the tailgate of johnny's truck. he was furious. it looks as if they took a key (johnny's truck was in front of mine) to my car, dragged it along my car then to johnny's truck around it hitting the tailgate the down johnny's truck and the length of my car. they made a complete circle. a little background : the younger neighbor (about 19 or so) and her boyfriend would hang out on our cars (we share a driveway it's a duplex) and his chain from his wallet scratched our car. so johnny told them about it and she laughs (of course her brother had to translate for her, lived here 9 years and still can't speak a word of our language) and johnny got livid and said "it's not funny...." then she just smirked. this chick always has this smirk in her face like she's too good and hot. my SO wants me to drop something then bend over to pick it up one day in front of her BF lol. so 3 weeks later our cars are keyed. the mom (the nice one in that house) comes home and johnny shows her and starts talking. well she goes and gets her hubby (she can;t speak english either). they come out and look. we call the police and file a report.  the cop can't even question the neighbor because his spanish isn't good. johnny thinks she told one her punk boyfriends to do it, kinda like "i'll show you what a scratched car looks like" now johnny went and bought a floodlight and shines it on our cars at night. now johnny has told me not to do laundry while he's not here because our garage is detached and you have to walk right past our neighbors door to get to it (caddy corner doors)he thinks they could easily wait for me in the garage and do something to me or DS. Now he tells me not to check the mail, go for walks, don't go outside. i'm a prisoner in my own home. i am glad i have tiger (pitt/rott) though. in your opinion do you think it's a coincidence or that they had something to do with it? my car wasn't the best but it was mine and it HAD clean lines. mine is the worst.

the pics don't really do it justice. BTW there were cars prked all along the street so it wasn't just some random thing

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Aug. 29, 2009 at 12:37 PM

I would be pissed! I personally don't think it's a coincidence. That sucks that u have to be a prisoner in ur own home! Sorry I don't have advice for u though! I would have had to be hauling my hubby out of jail cuz he wouldv'e been kicking some ass! teenagers are just so rude anymore when i was that age u didn't pull shit like that it's called respecting other people's property! hang in there!

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Aug. 31, 2009 at 9:29 AM

No I don't think it's a coincidence, but I do think maybe Johnny is over reacting to the situtation, you can be a prisoner in your own home, that's not going to help anything and will probably put alot of strain on your relationship.

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