I'll admit, i'm a coffee addict. Give me coffee with cream and sugar and i'm happy. Would i reuse the coffee grounds? A couple weeks ago, we had only money for the basic groceries, no extras. I opened up my cabinet, pulled out a coffee filter, and realized...i only had an empty bag of coffee. None. Not even a couple specks were in the bag. How did i let it get this low?

Look in coffee pot. Well....the grounds were still in there. It was 6am, and that was from my midnight pot of coffee(yes, i drink coffee at midnight). I thought. I looked at my bank site to tally up the funds. I couldn't afford new coffee until the next day when we got paid. Screw it. I filled it up with water, turned it on, and reused the grounds.

That coffee was fine. I always end up making it to strong, so that second rn through was perfect.

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Aug. 31, 2009 at 11:11 AM

I too have reused grounds - snowed in for a week...with only 5 days worth of coffee...wish I had time to write about it...

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