greenie11's Journal

Journey of a Helpmeet in the Making

Get Ur Green is looking for new members to fill out surveys and complete offers.

We offer:

No Minimum amount required to be paid, you want .05, well pay you .05!
Automatic withdraws, our system will automatically withdraw your earnings for you, so theres no more remembering! (You do have to set the auto withdraw to yes in your profile for this.),
3 referral levels! Earn 20% referral earnings 3 levels deep!
Support forum with an active admin to help answer any questions you may have...
owned by a very reputable company that has paid out over 1.5 million to their members since 2006,
Cashout by Paypal, check, gift cards, and LOTS more,

For more information please visit our website at:

*This is not a MLM oppourtunity! You are NOT required to spend any money at all to make money! It is 100% FREE and 100% Legit! For questions, please email or visit the site and post in our support forum.

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