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Cale had his first day of school yesterday, I think I was more nervous for him today then his first day of kindergarten or preschool.  The last few years he has started school, he went in knowing some of the kids and to a place that was pretty familiar to him, but this year we are starting all over: a new school, new friends to be made, and new way to get to school (the BUS!).

For the last few weeks I have been anxiously awaiting word on when the bus would be here in the mornings to pick Cale up.  I never rode the bus as a child so this was a whole new experience for me.  On Thursday of last week I was really starting to get nervous about this whole bus thing, we had not heard anything about it, but I was reassured by our "mentor family" from school that the bus information sometimes will not arrive until the last minute, so not to panic.  Well I tried not to panic, I really did, but come Sunday when we still had no word of a bus, I was panicking.  Because both of us work, I wasn't sure how I could get Cale to school without the bus.  Garr offered to take him yesterday, but he can't do that everyday.  Luckily, one of the teachers at the school who lives very close offered to take him in the mornings (we are very grateful for that!).  

Besides the bus situation, everything seemed to go very smoothly.  He even was "chatty" in the car on the way home about what a great day he had.  Usually it is difficult to get information on how his day went from him.  Cale said he was "amazed" that the kids knew who he was when he walked in, I didn't have the heart to tell him it was because he was the "new kid" and the others had all been to school together the year before.  It sounds like they did a great job of making him feel welcome.  Cale still is a bit disappointed about not taking the bus, but we can always revist that after Christmas break.

These are some photos from his first day:


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Sep. 1, 2009 at 11:14 AM

Glad you had a great day Cale.  Hope you continue to enjoy school and you'll learn lots of stuff.

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