well this will be my next appont ment  to the drs and my last day being pregnant  with baby vanessa i am very nevervis about the brith even trow my frist brith went well and  good  she just a lil more bigger then my frist  baby girl  i can't wait to meet her and show her off to yall and show her the meaning of love  right now i can feel her move around and not let me  breath  i know  i will be missing this but at the same time thanking god it over with and have my 2 angels with me  i am preying that the labor gose  good and that  nothing gose wrong  i been having dreams in this pregnacy that  something gose wrong  and it keep  me up at night time from thinking about it so much i wish there  dady will be here to see her coming in to the world but that one thing he will be missing out on  but it ok  i am a strong woman and i can do this on my own  i love both my kids noemi and vanessa i am so glad to be  aprt of cafemom and have such wonderfull friends  that help me on my way  trow my pregnacys  i wont be doing this agina tell at lest  10 more years lol

hope fully vanessa  will get along with noemi and love each other they will be 11 months apart just like me and my brother 

well ladies thanks for reading this and standing by me pls wish  us luck in 6 more days vanessa will be here and as soon as i get home there will be photos put up of my lil angel  we have been  waiting for

     thanks    edith  noemi  vanessa

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Sep. 3, 2009 at 8:57 AM

Hey hun, I know you are scared and understand cuz I was both times too.  And you know you will forget all about that fear when Vanessa is here. Naomi will love her so much and make her so happy.  Too bad baby daddy is missing such a beautiful time, but his loss, he will regret later in life. You are in my prayers hun.  Just relax and enjoy this time that you have left with Naomi alone lol...take care and talk soon

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