There was a really neat post in one of my groups about who you felt you were as a mom.  So after I kept adding to my reply I realized maybe I should just make it a journal so I didn't feel badly about having a 20 mile long reply.

I am a go with the flow kinda mom when it comes to who I am.  I have changed so much in the last six+ short/long years since I became a mom. 

I am the type of mom who above all wants her children to grow up to be GOOD people.  We teach love, compassion, patience, and tolerance for others.

I am the type of mom who WILL admit when she is wrong.  I have no problem saying I'm sorry to my children.  I feel it helps them realize that it is ok to not be perfect, it is ok to be angry or upset or sad.  But more importantly to be willing to step up and admit and apologize for their mistakes.

I am the type of mom who wants to embrace my children's gifts and help them to work on those things that do not come as naturally.

I am the type of mom who will raise my kids to love and believe in the Lord, and we thank him every day for the gifts he has given us.

I am the type of mom who will let my kids decide what types of activities they want to be in.  They can switch in and out of activities if they are doing something they don't want to do .... provided they finish out the season they signed up for, they will not let other people suffer because they changed their mind.

I am the type of mom who, doesn't really care who this offends, will NOT let my daughters be alone with men besides their uncles, their dad, and their grandfathers.  You always hear "oh he was the greatest guy, you NEVER would have suspected."  I'm sorry but my children's innocence is the most important things.

I am the type of mom who doesn't push her children to grow up any faster than they want or need to.

I am a former AVID formula feeder who became a born-again breastfeeder.  I wish I had given this gift to my older daughters, one of my two regrets in life.  But I am now teaching my daughters the benefits of breastfeeding so they will hopefully make a much better choice than I did.

I am the type of mom that wants her children to embrace their bodies and feel no shame in who they are and how they look.  When they are old enough to want to change something about their hair I will do my best to let them have their hair how they want it.  When they start having definite opinions about their clothes I will let them help pick out appropriate clothes, and when they are old enough to buy these things with their own money they can wear whatever they want with a few inappropriate excetions (anything gang, drug, cigarette, drinking, or racially based is a no as well as anything that shows WAY too much skin being my no's)

I am the type of mom who doesn't care if it is spoiling will get my daughters as much as I can afford to, it is giving them what they want but I want to show them that if they go to college, work their butts off, and save and spend appropriately that they can afford those amazing things they want

until they are 18, too many sickos out there and my children's innocence is not worth their privacy

I am the type of mom that hopes my children find someone who loves them the

I am the type of mom whose children will not have a cell phone until they can pay for it themselves, but I will get them a prepaid phone to carry in the car with them for emergencies when they start driving.  It will go very well in the car I plan on buying FOR THEM when they each turn 16.

I am the type of mom who has no problem letting them each have their own computers at any age, but they will not have any internet connection anywhere but public areas of the house way they deserve to be loved and do not care in any way what package that person comes in ... gender, race, age, looks.  As long as they are treating my daughters they way they deserve.  I do hope that my kids become established in what they want to be before they settle down, but will respect their life and choices.

I want to be the type of mom whose children feel comfortable coming to with sex questions, drug and drinking questions.  Any question they have and answer them honestly.  We have already had age appropriate talks about things like sex, cigarettes, drinking, and we talk about college often and how it is one of the best privelages they will ever have.

I am the type of mom that believes a good spanking works for some situations just like a time out works for others and a hug works for more than either of those. 

I am the type of mom who loves her children with everything I have.  My heart breaks a little every time I think of them growing older.

I am the type of mom who cannot get enough snuggles and hugs from her kids, the feeling of their little hands on the back of my neck while I hug them soooo tightly is the memory I will cherish more than any others.  I will remember that feeling when I am 100.  My kids know that they are never to old for a hug and a snuggle and no matter how many children I have there is enough room for all of them on my lap.

I am sure who I am as a mom will change a million times but for now this is who I am, willing to grow and change and learn as much as I can.

I'm  sure I will add more to this list as I think of them but for now here are my little gifts, the reason I wake up in the morning (also the reason I wake up tired :) )


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Sep. 14, 2009 at 9:14 PM

Your girls are beautiful and you sound like an amazing mother, they are lucky to have ya


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