Hey all, thought I would try write my first baby blog.
Right now if you have not seen I have started a baby album, can't find my connecter for my camera so im not able to ge the pics off of it of me and how im changing, but there are pictures of the 2 ultra sounds I have done so far and another one to come on the 9th of Sept.

I am having a great pregnancy so far, I was so ready to have a baby and be a mother that I was the happest person in the world when I found out that I was pregnant, there are not really any words to describe how happy I felt. Our expected due date is March 17th 2010.
The journey so far has been an experiance. About 6 weeks into my pregnancy I started to have morning sickness.. not the kind where I was over the toilet bowl all day but the gaging sickness feeling was definelty not something that was real fun to go through.
So far no werid cravings at all but the foods that I don't like at all right now is tuna (the smell of it makes me gag) and any type of sweets like chocolate, ice cream, cake and pies. which I guess I am very greatful for as that will help me keep my weight under control. The only two cravings I had was a tacobell bean burrito which only lasted until I had a burrito then ended, my other craving which seems to always be there is garlic bread, but then I have always loved garlic bread so I would not count that as a pregnancy craving.
Ed I imagine is pretty happy as I seem to be a lot warmer than usual and he is able to keep the air conditioner running way longer than he used to.
Today I went in for a routine check up got another ultra sound and did some testing, everything is great from what the Dr says and the babys heart beat is very strong, from what the Dr says we will be able to tell if its a boy or a girl in about a month so I am excited for that.

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