Question: Is your childs elementary or middle school airing Obama's presentation on Sept. 8th at 111am?




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As of yesterday evening my children's schools have decided not to air Obama's address to the school children of America live. Instead they will post a link on thier websites and allow the parents to choose whether or not they wish for their children to view his message.

In town only one school district out of six is still showing the presentation at 11am on Tuesday.. All others are linking it on their websites.

I contacted the Principals of my my children's school for more information about the message and materials that were to be presented and no one really new anyhting other than the Department of Education had put this out for them to show on Tuesday.  This has caused quite an uproar in our school district how about yours? 



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Sep. 4, 2009 at 4:24 PM

My kids' school district has decided to not air the speech live. The teachers who might want to show it have been asked to record the speech, view it outside of class, and create a lesson plan based on the district's curriculum guidelines. They have been told that they need to notify parents before showing the speech.

This is reasonable to me. The teachers need to know what they are exposing the children to before the children view it. This also gives concerned parents the opportunity to view the speech and make an educated decision (rather than a knee-jerk reaction) about whether or now to allow their children to view the speech. 

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Sep. 5, 2009 at 9:22 PM

Most NYS schools start on Wednesday, some on Tuesday, and most are NOT airing!  I have nothing about my kids seeing it, but....  why do I (as a parent) need or feel that the President needs to tell my children to work hard so they can achieve in the future.  Why can't I tell them?

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Sep. 6, 2009 at 5:12 PM

I have heard many schools have decided not to show it because the Administration did not go through the normal channels.  If I were a teacher or Principal I wouldn't air something I hadn't viewed either and face the wrath of the parents.

I agree with you both of your comments!

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