Well, First I want to apologize to all of my great Cafemom friends, for not keeping touch with anyone or doing any swaps or participating like I normally do. If some of don't know my 23 yr old son was arrested on my birthday , April 26th and has been in jail ever since. He is being charged with child abuse. I have been going through a tough time with this. He has 7 children all together with his girlfriend. Now they have 8 children, one was born on August 25th. All 7 children were placed in the states custody. 3 of the children are my sons, the rest are not. My son and his girl friend both have lost their parental rights.  The new baby, is still in the hospital weighing 5 lbs 2 oz and is going through withdraws from drugs. Me and my sis scrounged up $1100.00 for an attorney for my son, which turned out great because the public defender was going to agree to 15 yrs in prison. His new attorney has found out that they wrongfully charged my son. He is now looking at probation and it being dropped to neglect. What happened is DHS showed up at the house for a visit with his girlfriend and his girlfriend had left my son with all of the kids drunk. So they are going after her now for leaving him there knowing he was intoxicated and took xanax.

So the reason I have been scarce is that I took 2 of the grandchildren into my home after they were in state custody for 4 months. I will be adopting them. They are 23 months old and 3 yrs old. So I really would like to say I am sorry, I am not intentionally ignoring anyone, it is just 4 little children now under 5 yrs old is alot for me with my nerve disease. But I am so very glad my gradkids are with me. Please be patient with me, and I will soon get everything in line and things will settle down. i am trying to get clothes and things for them right now, because they have nothing. Thank you all for reading this.


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