What Im most looking foward to in the fall is that Im finally going to college. Ive put this off for 6 years now and Im finally starting school tomorrow. Im very proud of myself for doing this. Im going to study Office technology. I am tired of struggling to get a crappy job where you work very hard for a crappy paycheck. I want better for myself and my girls. I want to be able to give them more. For them to be able to have everything they'd ever want or need. I do not plan on moving backwards anymore and just moving forward with my life. My daughters deserve that and so do I. This isnt just school for me but the start of something new, something better. Now I have more hope in a better future then I wouldve ever had before. I everytime I look at or think about my girls its all worth it. I see many moms going back to school but if any of you are still thinking about it I suggest you just do it. Once you start you wont regret it. Good luck to all my other back to school mommas.

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