It is a family Labor Day Tradition to watch the Jerry Labor Day Show. I was wonder why there is no big show for diabetes. I know a lot of people believe the false statement we cause our self to have this problem. I want to tell you how much of a false statement that is no one would knowing cause them self to have to live our life's any more then Jerry kids willing cause theirs. I also know many people believe that diabetes is no big thing, I know because I use to think the same thing. If that Os you tell t0 a do a young mother as she gives her young five year old her second shot for the day, to to the young father who will never see his son because he lost his eye sight to diabetes,  Did you know it is the number one causes for the lost of a limb, or a big reason for kidney failure.   They are a lot of stars who have this problem that would have a personal reason to want to found a cure for this but no one comes forward to do this as if it is a dirty little secret.

Please to not get me wrong I love that fact that so much money is raise to found a cure for Jerry Kids but I wou;d love a piece of the pie for diabetes and I do not understand why it is so hard to raise money for it. I will be doing my part this year by having a team for the Tulsa Step OUt for a Cure on Oct 17th. If you would like some information about my team please let me know.



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