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You always hear how little girls plan out their weddings from the time they are old enough to know what a wedding is, but I was never one to do that.  Sure, I would think about how many kids I would have or other things like that, but the wedding part was never something I would think about.  Now that my little girl is 3 however, she talks about getting married pretty often. 

Last year she met a little boy in preschool and she decided he was the man she would marry.  She decided she wanted to marry this young man because she liked being around his mom.  So with the distance between the two, her heart hasn't grown fonder of him, but rather forgetful. 

Yesterday morning as we got ready for the day Grace and I had a conversation about her future husband that went something like this:

Grace: Mom what man am I going to marry?

Mom: I don't know, we have to wait and see

Grace: Does God know who I am going to marry?

Mom: Yes He sure does

Grace: Can I pray to God and he can tell me who I am going to marry?

Mom: Sure He can

Grace: Dear God, please let me know what man I am going to marry.  Amen.

Later that night Grace decided to ask her daddy if he knew who she would marry.  Daddy told her that if she wanted him to be in charge of that he would gladly take that one on.  After seeing that Grace had obviously been thinking on this subject most of the day, I decided to ask her a few more questions about this marriage she was planning:

Mom: Did God show you who you were going to marry yet?

Grace: No, but I think he will be called Johnson

Mom: So what kind of job does he have

Grace: Well he told me he doesn't have to have a job

Big Brother Cale: If he doesn't have a job, me and my cousin are going to throw him into the bike shop that we own and make him work!

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Sep. 8, 2009 at 12:08 PM

That is the cutest story. I am sure she will be a beautiful bride someday. Start saving your pennies so that you can throw her the biggest, most beautiful wedding that she could never have imagined! Sounds like she has some pretty awesome men in her life who will make sure she doesn't marry a loser!

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Sep. 8, 2009 at 1:11 PM

man, where is that like button, I need?

Grace is too cute and Cale's response was awesome.

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Nov. 30, 2009 at 8:07 AM

this is a neat story but is it wise to tell someone the future no one knows

not everyone get married or will be married, there is a rumor going around

that god calls some to be single, i myself am 34, never been married never will have children and just dont get why this idea of almost telling a white lie

in my opinion if a child asked me who i would marry

i would tell them

the truth as opposed to a white lie

not everyone gets married and i dont know you if you will or not

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