DD is nearly 2 and loves her books, puzzles, coloring, cooking, her toys, etc. But the weather's been pretty crappy lately and the forecasts say it's gonna stay that way for a good while. At least the rest of the week will be rainy. We spend lots of time outside and now we can't. No zoo, park, walks outside, swimming, etc. So I need some more indoor fun time killers. Got ideas? She can count and knows her colors so I thought I'd teach her hide & seek and red light green light. Anyone got any kid friendly dance video links besides the hokey pokey? We have 2 huge boxes of recycling that needs to be taken out. So does anyone have any toddler friendly craft ideas for plastic bottles and the sort? I was thinking making the bottles bowling pins and the kitchen our bowling lane. I don't want her to spend all week in front of the TV.

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Sep. 10, 2009 at 10:54 AM

have you tried yoga? adriel does it at least twice a week, and we have dance hour at least four times a week i just put good music on and we shake it, you can make rain sticks out of paper towel rolls and dried beans or whatevers clever, we are in the middle of gathering materials for that (i need baby proof paint or else he will eat it lol) also wooden blocks always do the trick, you can build and build and then tear em down, we like to make obstacle courses too those are fun and very time consuming.

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Sep. 10, 2009 at 11:21 AM

Yup. She's always Godzilla when we build with blocks. LOL. We dance all the time. I guess we'll make some bean maracas today =) What do you use for obstacle courses? We don't have couch cushions.

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Sep. 13, 2009 at 7:25 PM

if you join the science spot group there is an awesome thread on science for kids, even toddlers.

also, we do lots of sensory things.

i put helena in her diaper in the tub and let her go to town with shaving cream. another great sensory idea is cornstarch and water, it makes oobleck, the greatest stuff ever.

also try feet painting (walking in paint and on paper)

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