Normally, I would be content to sit back and pay tribute silently. However, today, 8 years after the tragedies of this day, I feel the need to speak up.

An Open Letter to the "Terrorists" that would bring down My Great Country!

   Dear Person of outlandish Beliefs,

   Do you see? Do you look at the videos of the attacks that are being broadcast all over the world in memory of those brave souls on this day? Do you see the horrors you have wrought? Yes, you probably do. You probably are watching that footage right now and are bursting inside with pride as you watch those towers fall again. Watch those airplanes filled with wives, mothers, daughters, sons, husbands, fathers, and think to yourself that you are righteous.

 I have news for you. Among those images of terror and destruction, there is hope. There is memory. There is pride and courage. We are Americans! Nothing holds us down. Do you see, eight years later, that you have done nothing more than collectively piss of a country full of people only too happy to do what is necessary to bring the killers of our own to justice? Do you remember WWII? Do you remember Stalin? Do you remember Hiroshima?

For the last eight years, my country has been in mourning. However, we have also been rebuilding. Figuring out our lives after these horrible events. We have been going on. So, in essence, you wasted all those lives for nothing. We may have been afraid at that time, but we are no longer afraid. We are outraged. We are angry. We will rise above this, and we have. We continue on. We are strong. Our economy is shot, but, we lived through the attacks on September 11th and we will make it out of this too.

Americans stick together. Right now, we are growing, we are recovering and we are coming back. Like Madonna, we never really go away. We come back, more brash, crass and annoying as ever. The little thorn in your side.

Why would you waste all that life? What the heck did it prove? That your stupid? That you can high jack a plane? What exactly did that do? That was supposed to be the beginning of a war on America, and that ended up being the end. Osama, your leader, spinless rat that he is, is in hiding. And has been for the last eight years. And this is the man that you have chosen to follow? A man so afraid for his own life he will not come out and lead his people?

I may only be a mother. A woman with a husband and a family. But I am an American. And I am proud to call myself so. If the call to arms came, I would gladly take them up to defend my country.

Our Former President stayed in office. He did not slink away because he was afraid, or it was too hard to handle. Our brave Men and Women In Uniform are out, over seas, reminding everyone who we are. We will not stay down. We are not out.

As you watch those images from eight years ago and start to feel pride in yourself, realize that you may have knocked America down, but we rose again. Like the Phoenix from the Ashes, we have risen and will florish. And you can never hold us down.

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