We was outside at nanas watching daddy and pawpaw roofing , and he was playing on the tree swing and he fell out back words  and hit his head on a tree root he started crying and holding his head and I picked him up to take him in and I put my hand on his head to rub it and came away with a hand full of blood and I was like “GABRIEL he’s bleeding” so when we got him in the house the back of his shirt was drenched din blood! So I cut it off we got rags and put it to his head. Tim looked at it and though he would need a few stitches, so we got in the car and took off to that surgy center that nana told us about so when we got there I told Gabe go make sure that they can take him, so when he came out he said they didn’t have any doctor there so we went over to the hospital got in and the bleeding had stopped the took his blood presser and his temp. and then we went to wait out in their room till they called us back, we waited around 15min, and nurse took us back looked at his head, then went out and we waited about 10 more min then a doc came in and checked him out and said he’s going to need 2 of them so the nurse came in with all the things the dr. needed, she gave me the gaws with some cleaning stuff on it and told me to clean it so I rubbed it and cleaned the blood off, then she asked me to hold the numbing stuff on the cut 3 cotton balls for 5 min each. After that the Dr. came in and had david sit in my lap stratling me with his head on my chest and he took the needle and started, when he did the first one david cried and jurked but I held him still and talked to him, gabe talked to him also. The he sis did the 2nd stich and he felt the needle going in that one and he didn’t moved but cryed. Then the Dr got done and david stopped crying. David was very brave and good! We got back to nanas and he acted like nothing happen he was just playing away!



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Sep. 11, 2009 at 11:45 PM

Poor little man, give his boo boo a kiss from me ;-)

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