I was sitting here looking at my cafemom page when I spotted the titles of my journal entries. The last one is entitled something like "4 1/2 months old!"...I had to stifle a laugh (I'm at the library). Rachel is now a growing thriving 13 1/2 month old...over a year!! It's so hard to believe. She's running around, saying a gazillion words with the occasional sentence thrown in, charming everyone she meets (and even those that she only spots across the grocery store-lol!), and generally growing up way too fast! What's interesting is how her personality really hasn't changed at all since she was born. She's still smilie, extremely interactive, and she still has my fiery temper. Just this week I was struck all over again how quickly she's grown. We went to the playground with my mom and she's able to climb onto the smaller play strucker all by herself and play and go down the slides and then do it all over again! And she LOVES going down the big kid slides! With the twisty ones she still has to go down on her tummy with her feet first because she still sometimes lets her shoes get stuck on the way down. However there is one straight slide that she always keeps her feet up on...not sure why it's only that particular slide. :-) Anyways, for some reason seeing her playing all by herself on this big playground made me realize how quickly time flies. Especially now that we're expecting another baby! I'm due on my best friend's birthday! Lol! April 14th! I'm wondering how she's going to do with a new baby... Oops! Gotta go! My husband needs the computer!

God bless!

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