It was summer of 2001 and I found myself in the middle of a divorce, living back in my parents house with a 6 month old baby girl and no job. It was worse that it sound trust me. I was only 17 years old. I found job at a psiquiatic home as a tutor. The fist week in the new work as it's usual on me I make new friends with my work mates. Soon the girls at work start to lecture me on who was who in there. They warn me about a guy that have all the girls at he's feet but never took them seriously. He's name was Joe he had a reputation of heart breaker and a lover boy. I despite those kind of men that use women and then trow them to the trash can like we worth nothing. But I decide to meet the men to see with my own eyes (I have never trust on someones reputation by the people comment but actually how the person really is with me). Make sure that if I did find out that he was the typical MACHO I was determine to be he's worst nightmare LOL. The day I saw him for the first time I went to the gym and there he was  NOTHING like I had picture him in my mind. There I was standing in front of him NO tone muscles, NO great hair, NO perfect body, NO SUPER HOT MAN! He was very chubby, he have this ghetto gangsta look, small eyes and strong figures. I just thought OMG he is no lover boy material but when I hear him speak I couldn't believe how secure he felt about him, how high he self seem was, he was fat but acted like any skinny men. Then he star to hit on me LOL I thought what my friend told me and decide to make him WAR at work. We pass from a casual meeting to argue and fight over everything at work. I couldn't stand what I call arrogance on him and he call me feminist BITCH! OH my we were enemies to death, it got so far that we were suspended twice for arguing at work lol. One day during a casual arguing after I insulted him he said ''GOOD I'M ALL THAT YOU SAID NOW do you want to go out with me and fix thing up? I laugh so hard and said No I cant. He ask me why and I confess that I had a DD he was surprise in a year no one at work knew about my kids because I don't like to mix work with my personal life. He immediately said ''Good bring your DD we are going to the movies she pick the one that she likes'' In a year no men had never shown interest on my kid. I was like they wanted the mom but no the hole package. We went out to the movies and we really had fun. I saw him interact with my DD and start to open my eyes about how wrong I was about him. We start dating (sometimes alone) one day after 2 weeks of start dating all my family went into a vacation to Mexico my DD included and I had to work. Went they left I felt sad and lonely and he invite me to he's house for the summer and I agree. Don't get me wrong I had never done that before but somehow I felt love and safe with him, like I had known him forever and that I could tell him everything and he would listen. I spend the best summer of my life with him and actually felt in love with him. I discover a man who was divorced and hurt too, kind, smart, loving and caring, honest protective and strong, with great sense of humor and what he wanted in life, but most of all that he dint disappear when there were trouble he stay and fix things up and fight of what he believe. He was loyal when he love someone. When the summer ended it was time to go home and he said '' I don't want you to leave with tears in he's eyes'' and I said I don't want to leave either...and you know what? I never did. It have been 5 years and life next to him is wonderful it hasn't been easy but each day with him makes me feel like I'm the luckiest woman on earth. He is a good father to my DD and they are best friends. We have a little boy last year and he is the love of our lives. I love my hubby.


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Sep. 13, 2009 at 2:07 AM

Awwwww! I love hearing stories on how people met! Congrats on finding a great hubby

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Mar. 16, 2010 at 4:32 PM

awwwww that so sweet!

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