I wrote this in August right after my daughter's birthday as a regular post, but I have since had more time to think on it and wanted to put it in a journal, so it is a little old but still something that leaves me shaking my head the more I think about it

Kind of a vent, but I am wondering how much of this is me being sleep deprived and how much of this is the fact that this situation is really weird.  Bear with me, it's kind of long.

My daughter Olivia turned 6 on thursday.  She had decided that for her birthday she wanted to go to the Mall of America (about an hour and a half away) with some girlfriends from school and do the Build a Bear.  I saved and figured out I could afford three extra girls.  I called the moms about a month before the party and explained that we wanted the girls to come, and that I had no issues being responsible for all of the girls but that I also understood if they weren't comfortable sending their daughter alone and I have a minivan so they were definitely welcome to join us.  I set the day for Thurs which was her actual birthday.

First mom A I talk to, we have known her and her daughter for three years.  She thought it was so cool and said yes right away and as she had another child to watch she chose to just send her daughter with me in charge.

Second mom C says that she is uncomfortable sending her daughter alone but unfortunately she works on thursday, but if we could switch it to friday she would love to come and bring her daughter.  I talked to A since she had already said yes, she had no issue switching it to friday so we switch so Olivia can have her other friend there.  Oh and by the way I would have NOT switched if the mom who had already said yes couldn't switch.

Third mom K says that's cool I'm sure she will want to go.  She talked to her daughter and realized her older daughter wanted to go to the MOA anyway, plus the little one is very shy so they decided to meet up at our house and drive seperately.  They did the fun stuff with us and then they planned on staying later so the 13 year old could do some shopping.  Not an issue at all.

A week before the party I called all the moms to double check times and see if I needed to use my extra car seats or make room for theirs.  Mom A is just going to switch her daughter's carseat for my younger's seat cause she decided to take my Megan so that her younger daughter could have a fun day too.  Mom K is driving seperately anyway but still checked times, so we're good. 

Well mom C texts me back three days later saying yes we're still on, then on wednesday, two days before the party, leaves me a voicemail saying yes we're still on but just wondering if you have enough room for my cousin to come.  Really?  I'm thinking ok must be another little kid, as long as I don't have to pay for her it's fine.  Um no.  She is our age.  She just wanted to come with. Plus, she didn't even ask IF she could come, but if we had room.   I didn't want to just come out and say no because Olivia really wanted C's daughter to come.  So I say "wellllll, technically I do have the seating in the van, BUT we have a bunch of carseats we're dealing with so it's going to be a very tight squeeze, and probably a pretty uncomfortable ride for her."  OBVIOUSLY I am trying to say no without coming right out and saying no because I don't want Olivia to miss out on having her friend with.  Nope she says "oh that's fine she's skinny anyway."


So it's party day, everyone shows up, and as we're filling the van and starting to leave mom C sits in the back and the cousin who I have never met sits up front with me.  Come to find out while we're driving, the woman has 2 kids, aged 4 and 6.  Seriously?  You are coming to a 6 year olds birthday who you have never met her or her mother, you have two kids and you are leaving them at home while you go to a kid party.  How weird is that?  Well throughout the drive there my daughter is WIRED.  She was screaching and singing and being loud and silly.  I keep telling her to calm down and the cousin keeps telling me not to worry, that Olivia's fine, it's just the age "she's just excited." 

We get there, have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and mom C keeps leaving the rest of the group and buys a bunch of stuff for her daughter, no one else is buying extra stuff, none of the other kids are getting enormous smoothie cups with a toy at the bottom.  We get to build a bear and they fly through and they are done printing out the little "birth certificates" before the rest of us are done helping the other girls dress their bears.

Then on the way home mom C and the cousin switch seats, talk on their cells half the way back, and then the cousin eventually falls asleep.  The girls are much calmer on the way home but they are quietly talking and playing with their new bears.  Then the cousin all of a sudden yells "ahhh these kids are soo loud!"  At this point the only child talking was mine.  Really?  Maybe you weren't even invited, maybe it's her birthday, maybe she is allowed to talk quietly?   Ugh don't come to a kids party if you don't want to listen to kids.

I am just irritated as heck, and I have NO intentions of inviting this little girl or her mom to do anything with us ever again.  I won't say she ruined the day because that would be silly to think that one person made the whole fun day not enjoyable.  But, she definitely made it less fun than it could have been.  And, looking back I wish I had just said, "oh you can't make it thursday?  That's too bad.  We'll miss you guys."  Cause the rest of us would have had a great day.

Anyone that is still reading this super long vent think she's a lil crazy?  Or am I just overreacting?

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