Slumber Parties by Katie G Invites You To The Hottest Party In Town.

You and your guests will learn new ideas and special techniques, sample our exciting products,
and laugh like never before! I have made it easy as 1,2,3 to have a party with me. I MAIL ALL OF YOUR INVITATIONS OUT!! You provide me a guest list and I do the work of sending them out. Check out the other benefits of hosting your own Slumber Party...

  Receive 10% of your guest's orders in a FREE shopping spree

    You will receive 15% off ONE piece of lingerie on my rack

    $1000 or more in sales & receive 30% off THREE items

•·          Get 3  bookings that night and receive a $75 shopping spree after the 3ed party is held

•·          Have $250 in outside orders & get $15 extra in your shopping spree

•·          You receive a FREE gift for hosting the party!

•·          Party sales must be min. $800 to receive the above.

on time so we have time to see, touch, smell, and taste everything! Kindly ask your guests to be on time.


    I require a separate room for my Private Ordering Room (one guest at a time, please).

Collect outside orders before the night of your party to receive credit on those orders as well.


    ATTN: Slumber Party Distributors are in HIGH demand! If you would like more details on how you can do parties like these, please get an information packet in the Private Ordering Room.

All Orders Are Confidential!


·    Guests can order from me at any time. However, your party will "close" the night of your party.

·    Plan on about 3-4 hours from start to finish (depending on the number of guests). It is important we start


Join our VIP/Elite club when you buy ANY of the packages tonight!

Endless Pleasure

• X-Scream

• Nympho

• Tickle your Fancy

• Just like me Lube

• Toy Cleaner

Retail Price $215.00

Party Special $207


• G-wiz

• X-Scream / Nympho 

• Bossom Buddy

• Just like me Lube

• Tickle your Fantasy

• Erotic Pillow

• Toy Cleaner

Retail Price $180.50

Party Special $171


• Double Pleasure Deluxe

• Just like Me Lube

• Bunny w/Pulsatron

• Nympho / Xcream

• Heads Up Sampler      

• Toy Cleaner


Retail Price $173.00

Party Special $165





DON'T FORGET HIM: Add the Super Stretch Beaded to ANY package for $28 extra

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